what does time mean?

What Is The Meaning Of Time?

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What is time? It’s just a thing we have made up to account for the world we live in, and to describe what we experience. But what is actually happening? We see, here, think things constantly and we can remember what we have experienced and imagine what we will experience. So in a way, time is just a way of explaining movement – we are constantly moving along something or somewhere, and we can use time to describe where we were, where we are and where we’re going.

We are all in a different place, on our own journey and however physically close we might feel to someone, we are never really with anyone – because nobody is on the exact same path as we are, at any point in time. And so, we all live in our own time, our own present, our own reality and we don’t share this space with anyone.

As for the world we live in, the physical world, that is only how we perceive it with the senses available to us – sight, sound, smell and touch. None of these senses actually encompass what the world around us is, but only what it presents through those senses. Just because we only have access to 5 senses, we assume those senses tell the full story, but who’s to say there is not more to the world – who’s to say the world can’t be experienced in other ways, with senses that we simply have no way of receiving?

How about the mind, perhaps that is another way that we interpret the world. Because sight is our main sense, we think what we see is the real view of the world, but maybe what we think, what we imagine, is the truest representation of the world.

And if you think like that, it puts a different light on the world, on time and on what, who and where we are. Perhaps, for example, we are constantly moving, on a journey, and what we perceive as time is simply a representation of that movement. Perhaps, sight, sound and our other senses are just a physical representation of the real world.

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It may sound far fetched but why not. For all the intelligence of mankind, we’ve learned very little in all the time we’ve been here – nobody really has any clue what we are, where we are or what life is really all about. In fact, it’s ironic that the more we learn about this world, the more we are blinded by the constructs we build, and the less able we are to see what’s in front of us.

Perhaps those among us who don’t think at all, are actually capable of seeing and understanding more than anyone else.

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