what is the meaning of life

What is the Meaning of Life?

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I think life is about growth – its about learning and improving and about becoming something more than you currently are. I think this is true both in a physical sense as well as in a philosophical sense.

If we look at the physical – its always good to improve your current situation – I think everyone wants to do that. This could be in terms of financial situation but it could also be in terms of your relationships, your happiness or any number of other attributes.

If we look at the metaphysical or the philosophical meaning of growth, I think its about becoming a better person, or learning more about yourself or in fact learning more about anything. I think this is done in a philosophical sense by observing your behavior – the things you do, the ways you interact with people – and then trying to improve upon it. If the physical world is just one aspect of what and who we are then I think that it is there specifically for this purpose – I think perhaps the physical world is the outlet that our soul needs for self reflection and self improvement – by existing in the physical world we are essentially seeing a reflection of our soul – we have an infinite number of scenarios that we can partake in, and when we do so, we can observe and review the way in which we act and what that says about who we are. Based on that review we can then grow from that experience.

I think this is one of the reasons why you can never truly compare one person to another, or one persons situation to another. Because everyone is on a different journey and the growth of each individual isn’t always obvious – for example there might be someone who has amassed millions of pounds in their lifetime and there might be someone else who has never amassed any money in their lifetime but instead has grown as a person or concurred a fear or became happy, or spent a lifetime reflecting on themselves and who they are. You couldn’t say one person had done better than another, unless you really knew what their life had been about, where they started off (in every respect) and where they ended up – unless you truly knew how far they had traveled or how much they had grown then you could not estimate the success of their life.

Further more, how can you measure the success of life unless you really know what the meaning of life is, or what the purpose of life is?

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To me, the meaning of life is definitely growth – I think we are all here on a journey of growth and the physical world is a tool given to us in order that we are able to grow as we live our life.

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