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What is Love?

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This is just an article about love and what it means. This has not been researched and is more of a “thinking out loud” style article. Having said that, love is something I often think about and wonder what it actually means to love and to be loved. It occurred to me today, that love is where you automatically work together – for example, if you meet someone and it just so happens that by being yourself and doing what you normally do alongside the other person being themselves and doing what they normally do, you work in perfect harmony.

I am not saying this is the definition of love, but it strikes me that it is a good and simple explanation of what it means to be in love, from a practical viewpoint.

This could be applied to love at first sight, in respect of finding someone who you just feel immediately comfortable around – someone who seems to understand who you are, doesn’t want to change you and someone around whom you can be yourself. It stands to reason that when you find this person, you want to be around them as much as possible and that could be because it just works – you can be around the person and it just so happens to fit perfectly with your life to do so. Once again, this is synergy.

If you have been in love and had that feeling where you no longer find it necessary to constantly try and make small talk, but rather you are happy just being in that person’s presence; that is because you just work together well exactly as you are and there is no need to force anything.

As well as being a harmonious relationship it could also be argued that it is a natural relationship in that, without having to do anything whatsoever, you just work together which in turn is where the terminology “it was meant to be” could be applied – all things being equal and without any outside intervention, this relationship was just meant to be. If nobody tried to force anything, it would naturally happen.

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That is the simple and practical explanation for love, as it occurs to me. If you want to put a philosophical or otherworldly spin on it, then you could go a little further. So let’s say that the above explanation of love is true. Let’s set aside any physical elements such as looks, physical attraction and so on and let’s just focus on the fact that two people are a perfect match – the place in life and the point in the journey of each of the two people is such that they work perfectly together. They both want the same things, they both have similar dreams and aspirations and they are both trying to get to the same place. Or, at least, their respective journeys are such that they perfectly complement each other.

We could potentially take those aspects in their own right and say that, as well as meeting or crossing paths in the physical world – the world that we can see, touch and feel, they have also met in the non-physical world. That is to say that; if life is a journey of development, then the two people who fall in love have met up, crossed paths, on the route. This is where true love and soul mates would come in as appropriate terms.

So maybe the physical world is not the only representation of “the world” or maybe the physical world is nothing but a physical representation of that non-physical world and perhaps the two people have met on the non-physical journey of life and self-discovery and that their physical meeting is just a byproduct of a physical manifestation of that meeting.

Maybe that is true and perhaps that non-physical world is almost like an alternate reality or another dimension, just one that we don’t yet fully understand or cannot comprehend.

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