What does it Mean to Exist And Is Existence Consciousness

What does it Mean to Exist? And Is Existence Consciousness?

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Some people might say that consciousness is existence. We all exist because we are conscious and because we can actively experience the world around us. However, I would like to suggest that perhaps existence is what makes us conscious and not the other way around.

After all, nobody understands what makes us consciousness. Nobody understands even what consciousness is, or where it comes from. We don’t even know if other living things like trees and plants can experience consciousness. Scientists think it comes from the brain, but I disagree with that – because I think no matter how powerful a computer we could make, it would not necessarily become conscious would it? So I think there is more to consciousness than neurology – or perhaps there is much less to it.

The thing that spurned this thought was the existence of non-tangible things. For example, recently I wrote an article about evil and I concluded that evil is something non-tangible that is grown over time. This made me think about various different things that sort of exist, even though they are not tangible and have no physical presence at all.

For example:

  • Evil – This is something that occurs through people and through natural disasters but it is not tangible.
  • Religion (man made perhaps, but still its something non-tangible that we use to control people and that we allow ourselves to be controlled by).
  • Cognitive evolution – As a human race I believe we have evolved over time, in terms of how we think and how we interact, but this is not tangible.

Evil is something I have already talked about so I will use it as an example. First of all, lets just assume what I say is correct – that we are not inherently evil as people, even when we commit evil acts, but rather that there is cause and effect for these evil acts.

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Going on this assumption, its possible to believe that “evil” is something that has been grown over time and perhaps over several generations or through many past events that culminate in an evil act being committed.

If we can indeed separate “evil” itself from the person committing the act of evil, then does that make evil an entity in its own right? Does evil actually exist? And if it does exist, is evil conscious in some way? Or at least, are non-material things, concepts, such as evil comparable in any way shape or form to humans and to what we understand to be conscious existence?

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