The Uncategorised

The Uncategorised

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Uncategorised Thoughts From The 13th...
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  • Rowell, Philip (Author)

It just didn’t seem fair for this category to be empty. Although there would not normally be anything left without a category on this website, this post is here to fill an unfair void. Seeing as we know so little about this world, it seems that everything could be kept in here – because we don’t really have any context for the world in which we live nor for anything within it. We simply don’t know so many things about our existence – we sometimes forget this because we are so “advanced” as a human race – we know so many things, we’ve developed so much, we have discovered so much and our scientists are super smart and research things to the Nth degree. However, it’s easy to get lost in all of that knowledge, and it is knowledge but when you really think about it, how clever is it to have developed engineering, technology, science? What does it all actually mean?

In the grand scheme of things we know nothing at all about our existence on this planet, let alone the universe in which it resides. We don’t know if we are truly any smarter, or even as smart as, the other animals that roam this earth and as such our entire existence is still one big mystery. Hence why this uncategorised category is actually very appropriate for this website.

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