The proximity of soul and body

The Proximity of Soul and Body

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We tend to think, or assume, that our soul, or our mind – the thing that we think with, is inside of our head. Just because our brain is doing the thinking, and our brain is inside of our head. But whether or not this is true really depends on what the mind is, what consciousness is. If you believe that the brain has just created consciousness by itself then that theory could be right, but if you believe consciousness comes from somewhere, or something else then it opens up a lot more questions.

It strikes me that, even if you made an immensely powerful neuro-computer, as powerful as the human mind, it still would not (necessarily) be conscious. Which leads to the believe that consciousness is something else, something we don’t yet understand.

Leading on from this, its fair to assume, or at least imagine, that the mind or the soul could be somewhere far removed from the physical body. Or rather, the landscape in which our thoughts reside could be a world in its self – it could be another representation of the physical world that we live in – and our minds another “sense” that takes in and interprets the world around us, it could be a world somewhere far removed from the physical one that we live in, or it could be the primary world that we actually live in and the physical world could just be an alternative representation of it.

This leads on to some other thoughts about consciousness, and the mind and soul – is it a place that is individual to each person, or is it a landscape that is shared – that everyone is a part of? Is it connected, or near, to the physical world? And for example, if two people are standing next to each other, are there minds also near to each other, or not? Is the physical world the real one, and are these two people close to each other, or is the world inside our heads the real one, and perhaps those two people are millions of miles apart in “the real world” and only close in the physical world. Or vice versa – perhaps wherever we are in physical proximity, we are actually very close together.

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