The disconnect between our present, past and future self

The disconnect between our present, past and future self

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I posted the other day about how our subconscious might be what our soul is and our conscious mind might be the part of our soul that we can fit into the constraints of our body, and our thinking brain.

However, when I thought about this some more, I think it could be the other way around – the brain is very “powerful” in the sense that it can store lots of information, it can make calculations, it can think about complex scenarios and much more. However, if there is such a thing as the soul then it is whatever is left behind without the body or the brain or the mind.

That made me think that perhaps the soul is just existence in the now – it comes with nothing – no past, no future, no thoughts, no complications, it simply exists in the moment. And that is why we can only concentrate our active consciousness on one or two things – because ultimately we are just experiencing what is happening to us in the now.

This also made me think about transference of energy around the body and how we have to think about what we are going to do – for example if we want to move a hand, we have to focus our attention on that hand. Why can’t we just move it with our brain and not think about it? Sure, if we are doing it without thinking then we can do that – and that is really our body or our brain doing so, and that is moving with nature. But if we want to do it of our own free will, then we have to actually think about doing it, we have to experience doing it with our soul and as such we have to focus on the now in order to do that. Perhaps also, because our soul only lives in the now, we can never rely on what has happened in the past – so we can’t think “I want to move my arm” and then just move it without focusing on it, we can’t move it without thinking about moving it, because for all we know (philosophically speaking) we might not even have an arm – after all, for our soul, what was a moment ago is not necessarily what is now, or what is going to be in the next moment, so our soul experiences everything in the now.

Perhaps that also helps to explain why we do things that are detrimental to our body – smoking for example. Yes, smoking is a habit and an addiction so that could explain why we smoke, because our body is addicted. But we are powerful enough to understand that addiction, and to break out of it if we want to, and we have the compelling argument that it is going to kill us or at least damage our health, and yet we still don’t give up, why?

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In fact there have been lots of studies about the connection between our current and future selves.

I have a theory about this disconnect – perhaps it relates to our soul and the fact that we only exist in the now – if you think about it, the past, present and future are only constructs that we have made up using our body and mind – we only understand these concepts because we can relate our current situation to things we have experienced, and stored, in the past as well as things that we hope for in the future. Time is the same – it is a construct that we have created and we can relate to time by the same metrics – things that happen to us now compared to things that happened to us in the past, that we have memories of, and things that we think, estimate or assume will happen in the future.

However, without the body and the brain none of these constructs would exist. There would be no memories, no hopes and dreams and therefor no past, no future and no concept of time. Neither would there be a future self that we had to worry about. We would just be in the now. That would explain why we fundamentally ignore the worries of our future selves – because even though our logical brains tell us that we should worry about this, our soul has no concept of it, our soul doesn’t think about the future self because that does not exist – if our soul only lives in the now, then it will never be its future self and that future self might as well be a completely different entity – because the soul is always this, here, now.

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