The construction of a person

The construction of a person

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As humans we are just building a mind. We use what we are given and try to build something out of it. That is life. Death is what happens when we’ve finished building.

God is the concept of looking in at what we’ve built from the outside, seeing it in its entirety and judging it.

What we do as humans is just based on what we know. Our actions on earth are simply a bi-product of what we are building and they really have no external motivation – everything that we do is essentially selfish and therefor we cannot define our own acts as good or evil.

Good and evil is essentially a definition of the external only; good is the best thing we can think of and evil is the worst thing we can think of. Good and evil are very much relative because they are literally made up from everything we know. If we’ve only known bad times then our versions of both good and evil will be nothing like someone else’s version.

As we are all connected, our actions affect others, and vice versa.

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Fate is what we define as factors over which we have no control – so one persons actions can be another persons fate. Although another persons acts may be perceived as evil, they are only evil to the receiving person, because the purveyor is just playing out their life, based on everything that has come before it.

If and when we do commit evil, it will be something we regret, by the very definition of evil, as it will be something we believe is not good, not productive, and seeing as everything that we do is selfish, we’ve effectively done something bad to ourselves. Karma is what comes of these evil acts – it comes from our own self loathing and regret of committing an act which we deem to be evil. We’ll persecute ourselves for this act until we truly learn what caused us to commit the act in the first place. Once we’ve learned from that mistake we can lay it to rest and truly move on.

What drives us to take the actions that we take is the need to build – everything we do is in the same vein – to create. We are constantly working on ourselves, building a mind, a person, a being and every day when we get up, we are working on that creation. We could not live, if we were not working on it. When we decide whether or not to do something, we are thinking; does it fit in with what we’ve built so far, is it good in comparison to what we have built so far, or is it bad or evil in comparison?

Also, what we build is a reflection of the world around us, as we’ve seen it and at the same time, the world around us looks in on our creation, judges it, and builds their own creation based partly on that judgement. In this way we are all connected to one another, and as we’re all using each other as a reference point, we’re essentially building something larger, something in collaboration with one another.

One persons good, could at least be a contributing factor to someone else’s evil, which means that we all have to take some responsibility for the combined evil that exists in the world – a mass murderer has become that way based on their perception of the world, so the evil they’ve seen is part of the ingredients for the evil they’ve created. In order to grow as a human race we all need to accept responsibility for the evil in our world, and we all need to work together to lessen it – for example, if we didn’t have poverty then we wouldn’t have as much crime, so therefor the these things are linked – as a society we accept these two polar opposites – good and evil. In order to reduce the evil we would have to also reduce the good as these are the peaks and troughs of the world in which we live, the ying and yang of life, and we can not reduce one without reducing the other.

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Possibly we are all connected in some way – after all, we are ultimately created from the earth, we all come from it and go back in to it. Although we assume that we’re not physically connected, that’s only because we judge by our site, and we see gaps, or we judge by our feelings, and we can’t feel each other, and we can’t feel the earth. But in fact there are no gaps – each partial is connected to the next, whether or not it’s visible, and we can’t feel our organs either; does that mean they are not part of us.

In that vain, are our minds also connected? If so then perhaps fate is not accidental, but in fact it’s something that we collaborate on as one. So when something happens to us out of our control, there is a reason or a chain of logical events behind it, rather than it being random – because nothing else in this world is random. Random means something happens in complete isolation from everything around it, and this is an impossibility based on everything we know, so it seems more likely that events we perceive as random, and rather events whose cause we simply don’t understand, or can’t comprehend.

If we really are all connected in this way, then life is somewhat like a river – you have to flow through it. You can find your own path to an extent, but at the same time you are part of a bigger thing, and you have to go with the flow of events that you cannot control.

In addition to being part of a larger organism, it also makes sense that we are connected in terms of being able to influence each other. Considering that objects as large (and as far apart) as planets have influence over each other (gravitational pull for example) it is definitely feasible, and quite likely, that other smaller objects have influence over each other – such as objects and even human beings. In addition to this, it is at least feasible that we have some form of control over each others minds, or that our minds are connected in some way – based on the fact that gravitational pull exists between objects its feasible to think that there might be some link between peoples thoughts – especially as we don’t understand very much at all about what thought is. This theory would also help to explain, or re-enforce, the fact that fate might not be completely random and that when we commit acts that affect others, this has some form of meaningful impact on the other person and makes sense to their world rather than being something completely random.

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