power and control

Power and Control

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In any situation, what makes one person in control over another? Is it information? Whoever has the most information about the situation in its entirety, has control over it and can wield that power how they see fit? If you don’t have the information, then perhaps it doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how much you want to take control, you cant.

Or perhaps its not so much about information, but actually its just a fact that one person is dominant over the other – for example if any scenario were to play out then there is a clear successor, a clear winner, and our subconscious mind is already aware of that winner in any particular scenario. All parties involved act accordingly as they are unconsciously aware of those facts. In that case, that mutual awareness, is that somehow linked? Does that mean that both parties, on some level, have a shared understanding even if it is not communicated in any physical form? Does that once again link back to the possibility of consciousness being a shared space rather than a space that is exclusive to each individual?

If you also think about life as being a journey, and when we meet people in confrontations, we are actually crossing paths with them – and a meeting is just a point on our journey where we are at the same place. But when we meet, we are both going somewhere entirely different, or we are evolved to a certain, different, level and thus we stand in a different place hierarchically?

Perhaps the physical world is just a representation of that journey, and if you removed all of the physical distractions, or took the sum total of all the information available about the two people that met, perhaps then it would be apparent, factual, who was where on the journey, and who was in control. our subconscious is perhaps so powerful that it already understands all of that information, but our conscious cannot cope with it and so does not understand it, but just acts accordingly, in ignorance.

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