Living Life with a Belief in Karma

Living Life with a Belief in Karma

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Karma is a belief in cause and effect. It is a belief that your actions have ramifications not just resulting from physical interactions but on a spiritual level. If you believe in Karma then it’s a good idea to think about the actions that you take, as they might result in good or bad Karma for you as a result.

If you believe in the existence of Karma then you can try to live your life based on it. That is, you try always to do things that you think are good, rather than bad and you think about whether you are taking the right path when doing something. For me this doesn’t mean following any particular book of rules – it doesn’t necessarily mean following the law, or following societies best practices, but rather it means relying on a feeling, or intuition as to whether any particular path is right or wrong.

This means following your heart, following your inner thoughts and listening to that inside voice before carrying out any actions in your daily life. You have probably had it yourself – sometimes you are doing something, or about to do something, and a voice in your head is saying “Don’t do this, it’s a bad idea”. Sometimes you might just ignore the voice and do it anyway, or sometimes you might listen to that voice. That voice is worth listening to. It’s not to say that its a higher power telling you what to do or anything like that. Its far more simple, far more mundane. It’s simply listening to yourself and trusting yourself. You know what type of person you want to be, what type of life you want to life and how you are trying to model and develop yourself. often that voice in your head will be speaking on behalf of the person that you are trying to be, and listening to that voice will help you on that path.

Karma may or may not exist. If it does exist then it may come down from a higher power, it might be the policeman of the universe making sure everyone follows the divine path. Equally it might just be your inner self, making sure that you follow your divine path. It might just be your body, or your soul’s way, o leading you towards the path you are meant o follow, helping you to become the person that you want to be.

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