Life is (Almost) Always a Trade Off

Life is (Almost) Always a Trade Off

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Often in life you think you’re getting a good deal on something, or getting more for your money on a bargain, or getting more out of a relationship for some reason or another.

The truth is though, life is always a trade off- you end up swapping one thing for another. So even when you think that you are in a really good situation, or you are agreeing on a deal that you think is seriously in your favour, the chances are that is not the case – because we always trade equally in life. The most common reason why it does not appear so, is that you are not thinking about all of the different things you are trading.

For example, if you get a pay rise, you have to give your time and energy in return. If someone does a favor for you, then you are more or less always indebted to them in some way or another. If you are getting a bargain in a shop for a particular product, then the chances are that product has been reduced in price for a reason.

When you think about it, most situations in life are like this. In fact we’re all trading with each other all the time. Of course you get some people who use trickery in order to get more from a trade than they give away, however, the other person in this deal is normally after something more themselves, thinking they’re getting a better deal when in reality they are not.

This is not to say that every piece of good fortune is a waste of time. Life is all about trading so it’s important to make these trades, but it is also important to understand exactly what you are giving away and what you are getting in return. It is also important to think about the trade from every angle – don’t just look at the obvious, don’t just look at the thing you specifically asked for and the thing they have specifically offered you in return. Look at the bigger picture and think about how the situation is benefiting each person involved.

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In addition to the above, it is important to understand that there are also some situations in life where you give nothing and get several things in return – these double positive situations have to be taken advantage of because it’s a rare time when you can truly better your situation.

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