Is the World Just a Physical Representation of Something Else

Is the World Just a Physical Representation of Something Else?

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I have discussed the physical world and the mind before now. Sometimes I think that they are two separate things – we have the physical world around us, then we have the conscious world – the one we think about in our heads.

But, what if the two are linked, or if they are one and the same? For example, perhaps the world in which we live – the one we experience with our senses, is just a physical representation of who and what we really are. Maybe everything that we know, and everything that we consider real, is just an elaborate representation of life and the journey we are on.

So you can look at everything in two ways – in one way you can look at the physical attributes and alternatively you can look at the philosophical attributes but the two are identical – if you took every single aspect of a persons life, its sum total would represent who they are, where they are on their journey, where they are going and so on.

And so, if you understand the world, then you understand who you are and where you are going, and equally if you understand who you are, then you can understand the world around you – perhaps for most people it works the first way around – the world seems quite easy to navigate, but what you are really doing when you navigate the world is learning to understand who you are. But perhaps for some people, the non-physical interpretation of the world is easy to understand whilst the physical one is not.

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  1. […] However, if you take away the constructs of sense and assume that we can only appreciate the world with the senses that we have, but that the world is not necessarily defined only by those senses, then you could believe that its possible for us to encompass more than what we can physically see. […]

  2. […] Perhaps the physical world is just a representation of that journey, and if you removed all of the physical distractions, or took the sum total of all the information available about the two people that met, perhaps then it would be apparent, factual, who was where on the journey, and who was in control. our subconscious is perhaps so powerful that it already understands all of that information, but our conscious cannot cope with it and so does not understand it, but just acts accordingly, in ignorance. […]

  3. […] Leading on from this, its fair to assume, or at least imagine, that the mind or the soul could be somewhere far removed from the physical body. Or rather, the landscape in which our thoughts reside could be a world in its self – it could be another representation of the physical world that we live in – and our minds another “sense” that takes in and interprets the world around us, it could be a world somewhere far removed from the physical one that we live in, or it could be the primary world that we actually live in and the physical world could just be an alternative representation of it. […]

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