how to bring about change

How to bring about change

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Change could mean anything from changing your life, to giving up an addiction to changing or influencing someone else’s actions.

Bringing about change often seems like a daunting task, it often seems impossible and you might even give up before you have started, but believe me when I say that it is possible – it’s possible to change your own circumstances and it’s possible to changes other people’s views and actions.

The need to change

First of all there has to be a need or a desire to change.

If you want to change your own life then this simply means acknowledging that you want to change.

If it is someone else you want to change, then you need to show them that the change is necessary. The important word here is show – this means actions rather than words because people don’t listen to words. So if you want someone else to change, you have to make them see that a change is required.

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If it is for yourself, then visualizing that need for change can help.

Visualizing the change

The next step is to visualize the change – visualize what and where you want to be.

If you are trying to change your own situation this might mean visualizing yourself as a non-smoker or visualizing yourself with a better job or more money or better health.

If it’s for someone else then you need to implant that visualization in their mind – help them to see what life could look like, encourage them to see the dream.

Move towards your goals

Now you have a road map – you understand exactly where you are, where you want to be and what it’s going to look like when you get there.

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Now all you have to do is set off – you are on the journey of change now, and the only way to get there is by putting one foot in front of the other.

It is important here to realize that you are in one location and your goal is in another location – these two places could be thousands of miles apart. As a result, the change could be slow, the journey could be long.

This means things aren’t going to happen immediately, and you may not even notice the results for some time. It also means that you can’t expect to jump from point A to point B in a split second – that’s just not possible.

It’s the same if you are trying to change someone else – moving someone from one end of change to the other is a step by step process and there are no shortcuts.

Change is slow

Get used to this fact – change is slow. It’s slow but it’s reliable – if you have your goal in mind and you keep working towards it wherever possible then you will eventually get there.

Even if you don’t think you know what to do, it doesn’t matter – the mere fact that you want to get there, and that you are visualizing your goal, will mean that you’ll get there – the universe will be working with you, and so will your subconscious.

If you are trying to steer someone else, the same applies; you have to take subtly steps, subtle actions in order to slowly but surely move them towards the goal you have in mind.

Have faith

This is probably the most important part of the process – change is so slow that you often can’t see it happening. Sometimes in fact, you’ll give up before you realize that the change is already underway.

So it is important to trust this process and to have faith and then in turn you can keep pushing forward towards your goal.

Do this and before you realize it, you will turn around and realize you can’t even see the starting post any longer – due to how far you have already traveled toward your goal.

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