Trading, Sharing and Giving away Chi Energy

Harnessing Chi Energy

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There are many different interpretations of Chi energy. There are many people who believe strongly in the practice of harnessing Chi energy and there are others who do not believe in such things. I personally believe in Chi energy and what it stands for. I don’t know whether Chi is a physical energy that exists within our bodies (and the universe itself), whether it is a non-tangible energy that exists in some form other than that of physical matter. Aside from those two theories, Chi energy may even be an alternative viewpoint of what we, in western society, know to be the energy that our body creates from the food that we eat.

Regardless of the true meaning of Chi, for the purpose of this article we will define it as a life force within us as well as something that is also present throughout the universe. In this article I will talk about Chi based on that broad description. I will also discuss the possibility, and means, of harnessing Chi energy.

We have this Chi, or life force within us, and it is what makes us alive, what drives us to exist and to grow, and what makes us happy, powerful, strong as well as the negative equivalents of those states of mind.

To me, this Chi, or internal energy, is what can help to explain the power that some people have over others, or the determination, the drive to succeed. Some people have more of this drive than others, and it’s not always down to obvious material attributes – sometimes people from poor backgrounds become very successful, more so than their more advantaged counterparts, sometimes weaker contenders will defeat stronger opponents in their chosen sport and I believe these scenarios are down to the amount of positive chi energy the person has within them.

Harnessing your Chi energy

I also believe that chi energy can be limitless, or at least it can be regenerated, in the same way that our cells can regenerate and multiply. However, I also think that you need certain conditions for this to work well, and in order to truly harness your Chi energy, you need to take care of it and nurture it. In doing so you may be able to better harness your Chi.

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Trading your Chi

When you exchange your ideas, time, energy or anything else with other people you are giving them part of your Chi.If they give back to you in return, that is fine – you are making a mutual exchange and everyone is happy. However, in some situations you will give away your Chi and receive nothing in return, and these situations might be bad.Think about a situation where you are working for a company, you pour your heart and souls into the job, and in return you get paid in money. You might think this is a fair trade on its own, but you should remember that money is simple a physical thing, a made up concept and something that ultimately has very little value.If you are giving everything you have to this job then you are giving away all of your Chi energy in return for something that is essentially valueless – or at least, valueless in comparison to the priceless value of your Chi, your life force.In this case you should make sure that you are receiving Chi back in return – this could be in the form of care, love, happiness or gratitude. It could be a number of other things, but in simple terms you should feel like you have come away each day feeling happier, better, stronger rather than feeling tired, depressed or any other negative emotion.

Look for situations where you can create Chi

There are some situations in life where you can create Chi. Think about this for example – you find someone in need of help – let’s say for arguments sake, you come across a homeless person and maybe they just want to be noticed, acknowledged or treated like a fellow human being. So you talk to them, and when you walk away, they feel happier for being notice, acknowledged and given some love and compassion. You walk away happier knowing that you have made someone’s day better and made the world a better place. You have both increased or improved your Chi levels – so you have created Chi. In life there are many situations like this where you can make Chi, or created multiple positive situations or benefits without giving away anything. These situations should be looked upon as the holy grail of life itself and you should take every advantage of them – for they are what makes the world a better place and as we increase the amount of positive energy in the world as a whole, we are also reducing the negative energy.

Think about what you are giving away in stressful situations

In situations where you feel stressed, you are losing, or giving away, your Chi energy.It is important to realise this because it may tip the balance between the situation being worth while, and not.For example, you might be worried about meeting a deadline at work, perhaps you are due to receive a bonus if you successfully meet it. However, the deadline is not possible without working late, missing out on seeing your family, getting a good nights sleep and maybe other factors as well.It’s easy to get fixated on the benefits, and perhaps even feeling like you can’t let your boss down, or you can’t handle the stress of not delivering, but these are all material things and are really inconsequential in comparison to what you are giving away in return – your Chi energy, your happiness, your wellbeing. So it’s important to think about these things when you decide a) whether you should be doing it in the first place and b) whether you should be worrying so much about the outcome.

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