finding synergy in life

Finding synergy in life

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I believe that synergy is very important to have in our lives. Synergy means working well together and by finding synergy within our lives I mean finding things that work well and complement each other.

Sometimes there are things in life that automatically bring multiple different benefits or benefit different people by default and without any additional work required.

A good example of this might be a salesperson. We often assume that all salespeople want to do is sell stuff. There is a misconception that a salesperson will sell you anything simply to make their commission. Whilst this is certainly the case in some circumstances, I would say that it’s not always the case.

If you are in the sales industry yourself, then it’s a different story. Salespeople are taught that they have a purpose for the consumer – to bring to the consumer the product they are looking for, the product that they desperately need.

There is something in sales called pre-qualifying a lead – this means trying to determine whether the lead is fit for the product or service you are trying to sell to them. If you cannot qualify the lead then it is pointless trying to sell to them, because they’re simply not the right person for the product.

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However, let’s say that you have the perfect salesperson – one who is most definitely in the game to make sales, make commissions and ultimately to make money. But at the same time, they are also trying eagerly to bring the best products to the most suitable consumers.

If this type of salesperson fulfills their goals then they are creating perfect synergy in their lives – at the same time they are making commission for themselves and they are also making their customers lives better by connecting them with the products and services they need. This is synergy.

Synergy makes your efforts twice as fruitful

When you find situations like this, where you can receive multiple benefits for undertaking a single task you are making more efficient use of your energy. This is great because it means that you receive more for the same amount of effort.

This could mean receiving physical benefits, but it could also mean improving the life of yourself and others around you, which in turn has its own benefits such as a sense of well-being.

When you consider that every effort you make has a cost – a physical cost in terms of your energy as well as a cost in terms of your time, of which you have a limited amount – making more efficient use of your resources, by doing things that bring in more benefits, is very important.

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That is why it is so important to find synergy in the things that you do. Not only does synergy mean that you are making more efficient use of your time, it also indicates that you are working with the universe, and that you are work with nature and the natural flow of all things.

Avoiding things that have negative synergy

Just as you can find synergy in the tasks that you undertake, so can you find situations with negative synergy.

An example of negative synergy would be where you are doing something to be helpful to someone else, and they get annoyed by your actions. In this case, not only are you expending energy on helping the other person, you are also receiving negativity for doing so – this is detrimental because it will lower your spirit, leave you feeling emotionally drained and also take up more of your time in dealing with the negativity.

If you find yourself in this type of situation it is very important to get out of it, or to avoid undertaking similar tasks in the future. Because when you do these things you are making very bad use of your time – not only are you using up your time, energy and resources (of which you have a finite amount but you are also receiving a negative benefit in return.

Always think about synergy and effective use of energy

Always thinking about the synergy in the things that you do, as well as the effectiveness of the energy that you are using on a daily basis, can help you to live a productive and fruitful life.

If you always try to do things that come with multiple benefits and to avoid things that come with negative benefits, you will likely be a happier person. By definition, you will also make others happy – and being surrounded by happy people is also something that can make your life better.

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