Exploring the existence of the non-tangible

Exploring the existence of the non-tangible

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Not a simple concept, one that requires thinking outside of the box and outside of what we understand from science. But an interesting concept none the less.

Here is my question – can something exist if it has no physical presence? At first you might say no, but why not? Matter is only something we understand as humans, and it is everywhere without exception, and we can see it, feel it, understand it and make sense of it.

However, just because it’s all we know, does it mean that everything that exists is defined by it? Is matter the only thing that exists in the universe or are there other types of existence that we don’t understand, ones that science cannot currently explain?

Are there non-tangible things in this world that exist in the same way as physical objects and physical matter exists?

For example, I wrote a post recently about evil and I concluded (or theorised) that evil is perhaps an energy that builds over time from a series of small and insignificant acts – acts that could be performed by one person or over several generations.

So, let’s assume that is true and then I ask this – is that a physical energy that can be measured, or is it a non-tangible energy – something that does exist, but not in any physical form.

For example, let’s say a man is beaten as a child, which makes him angry, then he beats his son, who grows up even more angry, his son then sexually abuses his child, who grows up to become a murderer. This evil has been grown slowly over several generations. Could that evil be a non-tangible thing that has been grown from negative energy or negative actions?

Could there be other types of non-tangible energy? Like for example, if more and more people believe in something collectively, could that belief become a thing in itself – a form of energy that could change belief globally?

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