Everything in life can be looked at from more than one perspective

Everything in life can be looked at from more than one perspective

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Nothing in life is ever set in stone, and nothing in life is ever definite, static or irrefutable.

After all, everything we know about life has come from our own interpretation – ultimately we still don’t know anything about who we are, how we got here or where we are going.

We all understand science, we believe in the Big Bang theory, in evolution, but do we truly know that it is how things happened? The answer is no – because there is always another perspective. A religious person would disagree with the theory of evolution and say that perhaps we came from Adam and Eve- and that the Big Bang theory is made up.

And who is to say they are wrong? In simple terms scientists could be wrong; the tools, the metrics and the very science used to explain the universe could be inaccurate. There could be many factors that we simply don’t know about.

On a more philosophical level, there could be large parts that we have misunderstood – for example, perhaps god does exist, but has put all of the evidence in place to support science. Perhaps science is right, the Big Bang did happen, evolution did happen but god also exists and Adam and Eve and the 7 days of creation are just a metaphoric representation of how god made the universe (right from the Big Bang onward) and that the differences are just part of an artistic license to make everything easier to understand.

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Murder is wrong

Death is sad based on everything that we know. But what about if there is an afterlife? What if we all still exist after death and perhaps sometimes it is planned that we leave this world for some predetermined reason unknown to us in our human form? Then death is not sad but could even be a positive situation.

I’m not saying that is true or even likely, but what I am saying is that no matter what situation you are considering in life, there is always a completely different angle from which you can look at the situation, and whenever you feel stuck or trapped, you should take advantage of a new perspective in order to open your mind up and to create new paths for yourself.

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