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Double Positive Situations

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This is something I think about quite a lot – most situations in life come with a trade-off, even if we don’t always appreciate it. For example, if you go into a shop and you find something has been discounted – great you save some money, but there is normally some reason behind it, otherwise why would someone willingly give up part of their potential reward? If you get a pay rise, thats also great, you are getting more money, but once again, there will be the expectation of more work, or more responsibility, that goes along with that pay rise, so are you really any better off? Arguably not, you are just trading off different things – you are trading some more of your time and your energy in exchange for some more money.

This tends to be the same with lots of things in life, and although you often neglect the fact, you are more often trading something than not.

However, there are sometimes situations where you will get benefits at both sides of the trade off, and when these situations arise, you should take as much advantage of them as possible.

For example, if you needed to get rid of an old wardrobe, but couldn’t physically get it to the dump by yourself, and then someone asked if they could buy it from you, this would be a double positive situation – not only are you solving your immediate problem of getting rid of the wardrobe, suddenly you are receiving money for it as well – so there is no negative trade off in this situation, and in fact you are getting two positive outcomes in one go.

This is the type of situation where you can increase your advantage, or your benefit and you can make your world better than it was, rather than just trading one thing for another. And when I give this example, I don’t mean to say that you should ever be trying to defraud someone else, or trying to take something without giving anything in return for it. What I mean is that you should always be looking out for when these situations just naturally occur – when something turns up that benefits you in multiple different ways.

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Conversely, there are sometimes situations where you stand to incur multiple disadvantages from taking part. For example, if you are giving away your ideas to someone, and they either don’t appreciate what you are telling them, or they perhaps strongly disagree with it, or even resent you for giving out the advice. In this type of situation you are ending up worse off than when you started because not only are you giving away your time and energy, but you are also receiving negative energy at the same, and possibly lessening that persons opinion of you as well. In this type of situation, its not even like you are giving something away and not getting anything for it in return, but its like you are giving away multiple things so you are becoming less, or ending up with less than you started with, and possibly even ending up with exponentially less than you started with.

These types of situations should be avoided at all costs as they are a drain on your being.

Another example might be a situation where you are trying to be helpful to someone – you are taking time out of your day to do things for them in order to help them to succeed, but they misinterpret what you are doing for something negative – they think you are trying to hinder them or to stop them from becoming who they want to be or from completing whatever tasks they are working on. And so in this case, you are also giving away your time and energy, and whilst you are doing so, their opinion of you is becoming less and less friendly, you are actually creating an enemy for yourself. So once again you are losing twice as much, or more, than you are gaining.

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