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Controlling Energy

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Been thinking today about energy, what it is and how your body uses it.

For example, when you move, what actually happens? Basically you think about moving, and then your brain sends a signal down to the various parts of your body that needs to move – your hips, legs, feet and perhaps your arms.

Once those parts of your body get the instructions, they move, and as they move, they use energy that’s being stored in your body.

However, if you are concentrating on something, and then you move, it will be slower, because your mind can only focus on, and direct, a finite number of things at any one time.

So it’s not so much about the energy available (as in the energy provided by food) but really about the energy that can be put into instructing your body to do something.

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So for example, if you were told to jump in the air, click the fingers on your right hand, circle your left hand clockwise and at the same time crunching together your right foot, it would be very hard – your mind couldn’t think about doing all of those things at once. And further more, even though you can probably do all of those things individually without consciously thinking about it, you can physically send enough energy to each area of the body to do those things – and in fact, perhaps you can’t transfer the request to do those things into your conscious mind. So it’s not possible, or very hard, to do all of those things at once.

This means that energy is effectively like the conscious mind and even though it’s effectively limitless, only a very small amount of it can be harnessed at any one time.

So, let’s say for example that you want to move your arm or hand as fast as possible, to do this you need to direct all of that available energy at once, to your arm in order to move it as efficiently and as fast as possible.

To do this the rest of your body needs to be totally relaxed.

Also, where does this energy actually come from, and can you center it so that it is ready to move to wherever it is needed?

A Room Without Books is Like A Body...
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  • ✔AVAILABLE: 12x18 inch Poster, 16x24 inch...

Some people talk about chi energy and how it can be centered and controlled. Is that the case?

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