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time and space

Time and space are two terms often grouped together and they are used to define the universe in which we live as well as the way in which we experience life.

Space is a relatively easy concept to understand as it is essentially everything we see around us – space is used to describe the physical world in which we life – in the broadest sense possible. Everything we know and understand about the physical world revolves around space and we can experience this space with the senses we have at our disposal – sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Time is used to describe how we experience this world in an ongoing basis – time is made up of the now – what we are experiencing of the world at any given point in time, the past – what we remember experiencing in a previous now, and the future – what we imagine that our future self might experience.

It is very hard to think about time and space objectively – we think that we understand these concepts because we have built so many words around them and because they underpin the very life that we live. However, you can try to think objectively about time and space by completely forgetting everything that you know about both concepts – because those things we know about time and space are only what we have ourselves made up, in our language and they are not fundamental principals of time and space.

alternate realities

Alternate realities

All of us see the world in a completely different way. One persons experience of the world, how it works, what it means and so on, can be completely different from another persons view. This is true even with people who grow up in exactly the same neighborhood and the same community. Does this mean…

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a defining look

A defining look

I was thinking today about how the look of something often defines what that we think and feel about it. Taking a very simple example – if we see someone who is covered in tattoos we might think they are scary. Or if we see a fish with lots of spikes, fins and bright colours…

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