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Society is the term used to describe the communities in which we live. As a society we have a code of ethics – a code of practice that we have all agreed to be correct – or at least as correct as you can get when making a decision on mass. We decide on what acts we deem good and what acts we deem evil as well as everything in between and although we might each have our own beliefs about these rules of conduct, we have all agreed as a society to follow them, for the most part.

In this category you will find posts that touch on various aspects of society from good and evil to the ways in which we cope, as a community, with the obstacles that life throws us.

how to bring about change

How to bring about change

Change could mean anything from changing your life, to giving up an addiction to changing or influencing someone else’s actions. Bringing about change often seems like a daunting task, it often seems impossible and you might even give up before you have started, but believe me when I say that it is possible – it’s…

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power and control

Power and Control

In any situation, what makes one person in control over another? Is it information? Whoever has the most information about the situation in its entirety, has control over it and can wield that power how they see fit? If you don’t have the information, then perhaps it doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how…

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