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Religion is a cultural system of behaviors and practices that often centers around a higher power or a God. Religions tend to have a written set of rules, or scriptures that its followers will adhere to. For example in Christianity there is the Bible as well as a set of commandments.

Whilst I don’t personally follow any particular religion I do sympathize with religion as a concept. I believe that religion is a very good way of materializing a the idea of there being a higher power. Perhaps religion has its roots in an actual higher power. By this I mean that perhaps one of the religions is “true” and that there really is a particular God as depicted in that religion.

But far more likely religions have come about as a result of our ancestors understanding or believing in a higher power or some sort – just like we do today, regardless of whether or not we are religious as such. Perhaps scriptures and documentation such as the Bible were then created to support those beliefs and to pass then down to the next generation. The distinction I am trying to make here is whether any particular religion has actually come directly from God, or whether it is simply a man made set of ideas and practices.

In addition to the belief aspect of religion, it is often said that religions are created as a way of controlling people. This does not have to be said in a derogatory sense, but just like government, it is good to have a shared belief in something among people as it can help to unite us. However, as with all beliefs, the same religions can also tear us apart in some cases.

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