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Morality is the matter of right and wrong, good and evil. When I discuss morality I am talking about the righteousness of any particular act and what it actually means to be morally right or morally wrong.

I tend to be talking about this on a philosophical basis – thinking about and discussing what morality really means and how we can define morality rather than talking about any particular act and whether or not it is morally right or wrong in itself.

what is karma

What is Karma?

Karma originates from India and is a belief commonly held by Buddhists. It refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. In simple terms, if you believe in Karma then you believe that your actions, and the actions of others have repercussions. This does not mean repercussions that result directly from those actions, but…

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defining morality

Defining Morality

What is morality? This is something that I often think about – what really makes up right and wrong? Is it just something that we have made up ourselves, as humans – what we would normally class as ethics – or is it something that exists independently of humans, something intrinsic? If you speak to…

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