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Matter is defined as a physical substance that occupies space and has a presence in the physical world that we live. In other words, matter is something that you can see, touch and feel. Of course matter could range in size from an atom up to a planet so those methods of interacting with matter are not always practical, however, the constant with matter is that it physically exists.

The common belief is that the universe is made up almost entirely of matter and that the only other things known to exist are black holes which are essentially vacuums meaning that they don’t contain any matter, and in fact they don’t contain anything at all – just nothingness.

I believe there could possibly be other “things” in existence that don’t fit into either one of those categories – things that do exist even though they don’t have any physical presence and are not made up of matter. This might include things like the soul, the human spirit and even concepts such as good and evil.

a defining look

A defining look

Bestseller No. 1 A Matter of Justice – Part 2 Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)Patty Duke, Martin Sheen, Alexandra Powers… $7.99 Buy on Amazon I was thinking today about how the look of something often defines what that we think and feel about it. Taking a very simple example – if we see someone…

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Are We All Connected

Are We All Connected?

SaleBestseller No. 1 Existence (Master Work) Jason AronsonEnglish (Publication Language) $59.86 Buy on Amazon When we think about who we are, we tend to think that we stop at the outer perimeter of our bodies – so for example, I am a person, I have a body, arms, legs and so on, and thats it.…

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