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Life is the term we use to describe our existence on Earth. It is not to say that life is all there is – that of course depends on whether you believe only in the life we live on Earth, or whether you believe in life after death.

We give the term life to any creates or plants that display the various signs of life as determined by modern scientists. We consider lots of different things to be living from humans to animals and all the way down the food chain to plants and trees.

Life for humans is all about living – it sums up the time we have on this Earth and we describe life by the things we have done whilst we are here – where we have lived, who we have met, what we have done and what we have learned along the way.

I personally think life is a journey, not only a physical journey where we are all trying to better our own position in the world but also a spiritual journey where our souls are learning to be stronger, better and happier.

To keep things very simple, it would be fair to say that the meaning of life is happiness – this is something that most people want in life, to be happy, and it can be achieved in so many different ways that one life cannot easily be compared to another on the basis of happiness.

In this category are posts that touch upon any and every aspect of life which essentially means anything relating to the human condition.

Also included in this category are life skills, self help and any posts that are aimed at providing practical knowledge for dealing with the world.

power and control

Power and Control

In any situation, what makes one person in control over another? Is it information? Whoever has the most information about the situation in its entirety, has control over it and can wield that power how they see fit? If you don’t have the information, then perhaps it doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how…

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