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Good and Evil are two opposing forces that exist within all of our lives. Perhaps they are two of the most powerful forces that we know of as they underpin almost everything that we do. We think about good and evil on a daily basis, perhaps not always at such extreme ends of the scale but we certainly use them as a measurement for almost everything that we do.

As humans we tend to strive to be good wherever possible – we have an ethical code within our societies that dictates what acts are good and what are evil and we also have our own moral code which is individual to each of us and dictates what we consider good and what we consider evil.

Some people believe that good and evil exist within us – that humans are capable of both and perhaps even that humans can be cleanly defined as one or the other. Conversely, some people believe that good and evil exist in the form of gods and demons and that it is they who shower good and evil acts onto the world using humans as their puppets in the process.

I tend to believe in something in between these two chains of thought. I believe good and evil are created by us as humans through the acts that we carry out. I also believe rather than a single act being created as evil, that we technically grow evil over long periods of time – perhaps starting with a very small and insignificant act and then through a long and drawn out chain of ensuing events a larger scale evil is born.

I also believe, however, that the evil (And the good) created in this way actually becomes some sort of force or energy in its own right – and one that also exists in its own right and as an individual entity. I believe this type of entity is not tangible but rather it is another type of force that exists without any physical form. I have also considered the possibility that perhaps this non-tangible force has its own consciousness, or at least an ability to experience something.

Posts in this category both explore and touch upon the many different facets of good and evil asking fundamental questions as well as drawing on the principals of good and evil to explain and discuss a wide range of other topics.

life is comparative

Life is comparative

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