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God is a term used to depict a greater power, a supreme being that is above us. We think of God as a being who has all knowledge, one who understands all of our struggles and knows our past as well as our future.

God does not judge as he/she knows everything – knows the reasons why we do things, where we have been, where we are going and what we are thinking.

God is often associated with religion, but the two are not necessarily accompanying each other as you can believe in a God without believing in a particular religion.

does god exist

Does God Exist?

Bestseller No. 1 Episode 1 Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)APC (Producer) $2.99 Buy on Amazon God is defined as a supreme being that is greater than we are. Often this comes as part of a religious belief but it is also possible to believe in a greater being, or a god, without being religious.…

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