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Faith is the word used to describe a confidence or trust in a person, thing or concept. In the context of this website, Faith means the belief or trust in something greater than yourself. It means believing that we are not completely alone in this universe and that someone is always watching over us.

I think it is very important to have this belief, the alternative to having faith is to believe that you are completely alone and that you are solely responsible for yourself. I feel like this can often lead to rash decisions in times of distress because you feel like it doesn’t matter what you do as you are in a complete mess anyway and that anything is better than nothing. If, however, you have some faith that there is a greater power out there, then you can stay calm in times of distress, knowing that you are not alone and also believing that someone or some thing is looking after you.

Having faith also helps you to believe that there is some sort of order to the world and that things happen for a reason. It can sometimes help you to stick to your way of thinking and to keep your integrity as well – if you feel like you are alone in the world and that people do not treat you the way you treat them, you might decide to treat people badly in return. However, if you believe in faith and in Karma then it gives you a further reason to be nice, or at least to stick to your values and your way of thinking. It takes away the need for any material gain or gratification for your actions – because you know that if you are nice and kind then the universe will repay you. This is very important because without this faith, without this belief in a higher power and in a natural order it can be hard to stick to your values, especially in times of hardship.

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Does God Exist?

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