Category: Existence


Existence is a term that you will hear often when reading philosophy blogs, mindfulness blogs and any other content where the author talks about fundamental questions such as why are we here?

To me existence really means everything – it is at the very core of life as we know it and it is a term that can be used and brought up when talking about anything to do with this world, our lives and the journey that we are all on.

The funny thing is that even though we have a word for it in our language, none of us really have any idea what it even means to exist, why we exist, how existence is tied in with consciousness, where we came from or anything else to do with the subject, for that matter.

In this category I am exploring some of the questions related to our existence and also hopefully pushing the boundaries of thinking in terms of what it actually means to exist and how existence ties in with other fundamental concepts such as time.

power and control

Power and Control

In any situation, what makes one person in control over another? Is it information? Whoever has the most information about the situation in its entirety, has control over it and can wield that power how they see fit? If you don’t have the information, then perhaps it doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how…

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