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Energy is a word that we use to describe a multitude of different things from the electrical energy produced by technology through to the amount of get-up-and-go that we have as humans on a day to day basis.

We also use the word energy in conjunction with the word Chi to describe something slightly more mystical and less tangible that is the life force within us. Some believe this energy can be harnessed and used for good as well as evil.

The thing that I find fascinating about energy is that it can be limitless – think about dominoes for example and how once you push over the first domino there begins a train of kinetic energy that is transferred from one domino to the next, each time pushing over another domino in the line until there are none left. This energy, created from one push of the finger, will go on forever if the dominoes are lined up correctly – it will never falter or weaken. This ongoing power of energy fascinates me and it is the subject of lots of the posts within this category.

controlling chi energy

Controlling Energy

Been thinking today about energy, what it is and how your body uses it. For example, when you move, what actually happens? Basically you think about moving, and then your brain sends a signal down to the various parts of your body that needs to move – your hips, legs, feet and perhaps your arms.…

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