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The Earth is the planet that we live on. The Earth is just a tiny and insignificant part of our solar system, which in turn is part of the larger galaxy and this is ultimately a tiny part in the wider universe.

If you look at the Earth from an outsiders point of view it is just an organic object that is ever changing in terms of its landscape, its position and its energy. It is full of life in every shape and form from humans right through to plants.

The Earth is rich in energy and movement not only in the form of life but also other physical attributes such as the weather system, its internal energy and many other signs of life.

As insignificant as the Earth is in the grand scheme of things it is still an amazing impressive planet because it is the only one, that we know about, with life on it.

This category includes articles that touch on the nature and attributes of the Earth as well as theories on how we are intrinsically connected to the Earth – perhaps even one with it.

are we all one

Are We all One?

Bestseller No. 1 Episode 1 Amazon Prime Video (Video on Demand)Kristin Scott Thomas, Sandra Voe, Anthony… Buy on Amazon Just like our bodies are made up of individual cells, are we as humans part of a larger organism that is the earth? Cells, after all, are alive, and let’s say just for arguments sake, you…

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