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Dreaming is a night time activity that can last anywhere from 10 minutes to over an hour. This mysterious brain activity during our sleep has always intrigued people. They love to talk and listen about the interpretation of dreams, their function and their particular forms like the nightmare, the premonitory dream or the lucid dream. But what do we know exactly about dreams, scientifically?

During its regular activity, the brain emits brain waves which can be picked up with electrodes. Recent advances in neuro-science have led to a better understanding of brain activity: which parts of the brain correspond to which type of activity, how information is absorbed and interpreted by the brain, and how dreams are a necessary part of our brain cycle.

Did you know that mice trained to walk through a maze during the day will dream of that same maze at night? Mammals are all quite similar and they all have dreams, which is a necessary component of how our minds understand the world.

what are our dreams for

What are our dreams for?

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