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body and soul

People often split the human entity into two completely distinctive parts – the body which encompasses everything that we can see, feel and touch – this is the physical form and the part of humans that scientists understand. Secondly comes the soul – this is something that has not been proven to exist, will not really be appreciated by modern scientists but rather is just a part of the human condition that you have to believe in – the theories of which you can only imagine.

Articles in this category deal with concepts that are spread between these two parts as well as concepts that are spread between these varying beliefs.

are we all one

Are We all One?

Just like our bodies are made up of individual cells, are we as humans part of a larger organism that is the earth? Cells, after all, are alive, and let’s say just for arguments sake, you were a cell, you wouldn’t think you were part of the other cells, or part of one massive group…

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controlling chi energy

Controlling Energy

Been thinking today about energy, what it is and how your body uses it. For example, when you move, what actually happens? Basically you think about moving, and then your brain sends a signal down to the various parts of your body that needs to move – your hips, legs, feet and perhaps your arms.…

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