can good deeds change the world

Can Good Deeds Change the World?

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There is a lot of bad in this world, and sometimes we can’t change the people that do bad things. For example, mass shootings – we can’t even imagine how to begin stopping problems like this. And practically, we can’t stop or change these events after they occur.

However, can we gradually make the world a better place by doing good – leading by example?

If everyone sees and appreciates acts of kindness, can that gradually change the way that we think – collectively?

And even if someone who doesn’t have a global platform, performs acts of kindness, does that slowly have an effect on the world? After all, every action that we take has a reaction, and for example even if you do a good thing for one person, you start a chain of cause and effect – that person will be positively effected by your action, and they will in turn pass that positive energy on to someone else (even if that is subconsciously so), and that person will pass it on, and so on.

And as with any energy, this positivity does not diminish – it’s not finite. So it’s possible that an act of kindness from one person could travel across the entire world.

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If you consider that, it really is true that all of us can change the world, individually and with one act of kindness at a time.

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