Can Anyone Disprove Your Perception of the World

Can Anyone Disprove Your Perception of the World?

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If you perceive the world to be a certain way, can anyone disprove it? It’s easy to say that you believe someone else’ perception of the world, because they have evidence to support that view, and on paper it may look as if it is a certain reality. But the truth is that it is only someone else’ reality, based on their experience of the world and their rules. If you believe in something different, and the world you live in supports that belief then how can anyone truly disprove it. For example, I believe in Karma.

In my world, Karma seems to be a truth, a reality. I have had many personal experiences where Karma seems to be a real thing. However, if you asked anyone else they might disagree, and I am sure there is evidence to suggest Karma does not exist, or at least evidence to explain why things happen and the reasons they happen, when it appears as if Karma were the cause.

However, if in my world Karma makes sense and it exists then that is a reality of my world, for all intents and purposes it is a fact. For as long as I am alive on this planet, that will be a truth. Other people can only offer their truth and their reality but we can never truly compare our worlds, only our perception of them. Further more, nobody can say for sure what the actual truth, or the actual reality is, about anything. Why? Because we are all experiencing the world from our own unique perspective. Nobody actually knows what absolutely is. We only know what we perceive.

To put this into perspective, lets look at a very abstract example. Lets say for instance that the world is actually an illusion. Something like the Matrix and we are all actually asleep and simply imagining the world around us. Not very likely, but if that were the case then it would mean everyone’s perception of the world would be false. Regardless of how much “evidence” or “proof” anyone had about any perceived reality, it would in fact be false.

Although that is just an abstract example, it is highly possible that there are realities about this world that we simply don’t know and are not even aware of. These realities may change the way that we perceive the world and they may disprove any number of things that we “know” to be true.

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Further more, considering the fact that we don’t even really know what the mind is, or what consciousness is, and also the fact that the only way we have ever experienced the world is through our own consciousness, how do we even know for sure that the world exists in its own right without our consciousness there to perceive it. Its easy to say this is the case, as we have so much evidence to prove it, and we can see the world before our very eyes and so, we know it is physically there, regardless of whether we are there to see it. However, we’ve only ever seen the world through our eyes, through touch, through sound and we’ve only absorbed that “information” in its various sensory forms, through our own consciousness. To truly make a ruling on the true reality of the world around us, we would have to witness it from some other perspective, wouldn’t we?


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