Are Plants and Trees Conscious or at Least Capable of Experiencing the World

Are Plants and Trees Conscious or at Least Capable of Experiencing the World?

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Plants and trees are living things the same as humans are. The big difference as humans is that we have brains, and along with brains comes thought and seemingly consciousness. Everything that we understand about existence revolves around our ability to think. This is all tied in with our body, our mind and our brain as well as the fact that we are an intelligent species.

However, here is my question – do plants and trees have some form of consciousness, or at least, some way of experiencing the world? I ask this question because it just strikes me that we are all alive in the same respect so why wouldn’t we all have some form of consciousness or some way of experiencing the world?

Of course, if you believe that consciousness comes purely from the brain and that it is just another part of this physical world that we know and understand, then you’ll quite probably disagree with me. However, if you believe that the conscious mind is something far removed from the physical world, and something we don’t fully understand at the moment, then it is possible to believe that consciousness and experience are traits found in more than just humans and our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.

Let’s take a tree for example – it doesn’t have the senses we have such as the ability to see or hear. It doesn’t have a brain, so no ability to think in words. However, it does exist, it crosses paths with the wind, the sun, it has living components, cells and so on. So does it have a conscious experience of the world though these limited senses?

Even if mind and thought are not involved, is the very matter of experiencing something, in the moment, without any thought attached to it, enough to exist? If you think there is even a remote possibility that the answer to this question could be yes, then it opens up an entire plethora of other possibilities.

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For example, are other objects in the world capable of experiencing life? Is the earth itself capable of experiencing life? Are inanimate objects aware?

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  1. […] Just because you can’t feel, see or touch an organ inside of your body, it does not mean that it is not part of you, so by the same metric, just because you can’t see, feel or touch a tree, for example, does it necessarily mean that tree is not part of you, or connected to you in some way and perhaps even that the tree is conscious. […]

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