are we all one

Are We all One?

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Just like our bodies are made up of individual cells, are we as humans part of a larger organism that is the earth?

Cells, after all, are alive, and let’s say just for arguments sake, you were a cell, you wouldn’t think you were part of the other cells, or part of one massive group of cells, there would be a disconnect between you are them, so you would believe you were separate.

Do we misunderstand our place in the world in the exact same way? Are we all really a small part of the world like the cells are a small part of our bodies? Perhaps really the world in itself is one big organism and we are effectively the cells in that organism. If that theory is true, then it truly is self destructive to commit crimes such as murder because really, on some level, we are murdering ourselves.

If so, does that mean when we die, we are just moving or changing into another part of our larger self? After all, we don’t disappear when we die, we simply move into another form – a lifeless body, then we eventually become part of the earth as we turn from body to dust. And when you think about this in more detail, everyone who has ever lived has eventually changed back into earth – so all of the things that have ever lived are in the earth. And furthermore, as we are ultimately made from this earth – we eat from the earth, then we turn that food into energy then eventually into eggs, into babies and so on – we are all made from those who lived before us. This once again re-enforces the theory that perhaps we are all one.

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