accepting things that you cant change

Accepting things that you can’t change

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There are some things in life that can’t be changed, things that are perhaps meant to be. Some people would call this fate – things that are meant to happen for a reason or governed by a higher power.

Some things are beyond our control

The less mystical view would be that some things are simply beyond our control. Learning to accept these things makes life a lot less stressful and helps you to avoid worrying, stressing and wasting energy on things that you have no ability to change.

Regardless of whether you believe in fate, or in a higher power, you can still use the concept of fate when dealing with these things. If you accept that something is not changeable then you can effectively consider it to be fate – something that is meant to be that way. Once you accept that you can start focusing on things that are within your power and control.

Accepting things that you can’t change doesn’t mean not trying

This way of life isn’t an excuse not to try at something. It doesn’t mean that you simply give up on anything that is hard. It means rather that you try and identify whether its physically possible to change or affect something – this can even be theoretical. For example, is it possible to become an Olympic athlete? For most people this is going to be extremely difficult, however it is theoretically possible. In this case, if that’s something you want to do then you should go for it, rather than deciding that it’s just not meant to be.

Taking this one step further though, if we look at things that are meant to be, then we could say in theory that perhaps the universe wants those things to be the way they are.

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Listening to the universe

In this case, we can also listen to the universe – listen to what is happening around us, be in tune with life events, with things that happen when we try to make changes, and from that we can determine whether something is meant to be or not.

Practical implementation

We can implement this practically in day to day life by learning to go with the flow of life – truly accept things that we cannot change in order to stop worrying about them. In this way we can focus on things that we can change, and this is a much more effective use of our energy.

In addition, we can also try to be in tune with the universe and the path of least residence, or perhaps our destiny. In other words, trying to be in tune with what is meant to be. If we can follow the way that is meant to be then once again, we’ll be making most effective use of our energy. We will also find it easier to fulfil our destiny, to become who we are supposed to be.

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