Month: May 2018

a defining look

A defining look

I was thinking today about how the look of something often defines what that we think and feel about it. Taking a very simple example – if we see someone who is covered in tattoos we might think they are scary. Or if we see a fish with lots of spikes, fins and bright colours…

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controlling chi energy

Controlling Energy

Been thinking today about energy, what it is and how your body uses it. For example, when you move, what actually happens? Basically you think about moving, and then your brain sends a signal down to the various parts of your body that needs to move – your hips, legs, feet and perhaps your arms.…

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power and control

Power and Control

In any situation, what makes one person in control over another? Is it information? Whoever has the most information about the situation in its entirety, has control over it and can wield that power how they see fit? If you don’t have the information, then perhaps it doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how…

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